In the life of a child, fellowship is really much more than just fun and games. Kids are learning to socialize, to share, to play fairly, to take turns, to respect others, and to form friendships at church. The way a child treats people in the sandbox today impacts the way an adult will treat people in the boardroom tomorrow. We introduce kids to safe, fun experiences like sports, games, swimming, movies, Easter egg hunts, day trips, camps and many other activities. They are learning they can have fun at church! 


While most of our youth group activities involve serious commitment and dedication, sometimes we just want to have good, clean fun with our brothers and sisters in Christ. We play games at our Christian Life Center, go to the movies or go out to eat, attend a swim party or have a cookout at someone's house. A favorite tradition is to start every summer right with a trip to Six Flags Over Georgia. By sharing experiences, from bazooka ball to bowling, young people develop Christ honoring friendships.


The fellowship needs of many adults are met as they interact with other parents at church, at school or on the sidelines of an athletic field. Still, there are times when a busy couple just needs to get away. In order to meet this need, we regularly sponsor a Mom's Night Out or Dad's Night Out. The spouses responsible for child care usually get together as well. Occasionally, we have a Couple's Night Out, with church members watching the kids so Mom and Dad can get a much needed break and some time alone.


One of the things our Senior Adults love to do is travel. Whether we pile in the church bus for a day trip or charter a full bus for a week chock full of sightseeing, these trips always involve food, fun and fellowship. Is there any better way to get to know people than to spend a week with them? Some of our Senior Adults also participate in Body Recall, a physical fitness ministry that helps members remain active while experiencing the joy of fellowship. Our Senior Adults are living lives full of abundant joy in the Lord.

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